The Revolution of Web3’s First Record Label

5 min readOct 6, 2022

Probably Nothing and Warner Records innovation of Probably a Label

By: Jamélie Myre

While many companies or founders of new media innovations are trying to find their own place in the metaverse through a competitive market, there’s only so many anomalies that succeed at prevailing and standing out from the rest. It’s no question that a big label like Warner Records and a successful educational web3 platform like Probably Nothing pair up to make the best out of their competence in the space, to invent and deliver greatness to their communities.

Warner Records

Warner Records recently launched their project Stickmen Toys which was a free-to-mint collection of 5k NFTs of “Toys, but for big kids.” The toys are audio-visual NFTs created by the major label in partnership with Bose and in collaboration with Probably Nothing, Trym Ruud, Closer Artists, Kapsule Studios, and The Stickmen Project who created the different audio stems of base lines, drums, melodies, sound effects and vocal samples which were randomized into creating 5k unique soundtracks to accompany each toy. Warner Records is the first major label to give IP ownership to its holders as well as real life utility in gaining access to live events, merch, physical collectibles and priority spots for future Warner Records NFT drops. Probably A Label being one of them which all holders had priority access to register for mint.

Probably Nothing

From the beginning, Probably Nothing has aimed and succeeded in having a very invested community. From a multitude of milestones achieved to a series of drops, they have not disappointed. The project is an educative and informative web3 platform that was created to teach people about the space the right way, to guide individuals through safe practices of the space as well as shining light on new projects that are creatively paving the way through web3. Probably Nothing has collabed with Warner Records in their Stickmen Toys project as well as CNN in their Vault by CNN to commemorate Nelson Mandela’s release from prison alongside partnering with Limewire, Nifty, and finally Warner Records in their original creation of Probably a Label.

Probably A Label

The revolution of web3’s first record label created by the traditional major record label and the leading NFT culture brand offers their communities priority access to a first-of-its-kind utility by owning one of 5555 record NFT passes. There are 3 tiers; Scout, Manager and Head, each having a different level in utility. The aim is to redefine IP ownership in the music industry while using web3 technology to build an ecosystem that helps artists to create freely. The label’s mission is to elevate the way people consume their music.

“We believe music best comes alive when there’s context people can connect to emotionally. We see ourselves as creators that help artists rewrite those stories using the power of NFTs. Web3 allows artists to create with more freedom and connect with fans on a much deeper level, our mission is to live at the intersection of that culture.” — Probably A Label

Pass Utilities:

  • Access to exclusive music releases starting with Grammy Award winning artists.
  • Studio A, the IP incubator which will grant holders a chance to bring their Intellectual Property(IP) to life. Holders whose submissions are accepted will have financing, marketing, creative development, partnerships, branding, and PR covered by the label. The projects that are approved for Studio A are @BoredApeYC, @cryptopunksnfts, @doodles, @womenandweapons, @StickmenToys, @photosynth, @pudgypenguins, @DegenToonz, @RTFKT, and @AzukiOfficial.
  • Studio B, a community driven music library where holders can upload any music into the studio, from up-and-coming artists to award winning artists. “For example, a holder who wants to create a film can pull tracks from Studio B to use as background music, or an established artist can sample a beat from a community member for a new project. The aim of Studio B is to amplify exposure for our creators by creating a collaborative ecosystem where holders are able to uplift each other’s work through their creative endeavors,” explained the label in their tweet thread introducing Studio B.
  • Holders will work together to create a virtual artist that authentically represents the label and the community.

While community members were still anticipating the announcement of the mint date after knowing all utilities that the pass comes with, on September 29th Probably Nothing’s Founder Jeremy Fall teased his already eager followers by tweeting “Its @probablyalabel season,” making them even more thrilled to soon purchase and welcome a never-seen-before NFT into their wallets. After using secrecy and hints to excite and interest his and Stickmen Toys’ community about the label for months, the people of Probably Nothing and Warner Records were hysterical that Probably A Label mint day was just around the corner.

As Warner Records first project, Stickmen Toys had partnered with Opensea for their drop, and so did the new web3 record label. “Storytelling, simplicity and security — OpenSea’s new drop experience in partnership with Probably A Label” Warner Records vice president of audience and strategy @sebbsimone announced on twitter 5 days prior to the launch to keep the gathered community on the edge of their seats.

Probably A Label’s launch advisor @nftboi_ concluded his thread on twitter about why he is so bullish on the project by mentioning that “[t]he way @probablynothing and @warnerrecords have built in the past months demonstrates their ability to execute. They are both aligned on a vision, don’t compromise on quality, and understand how to create value for their communities.”

The mint date was scheduled for today, October 6th, with the time of mint for allowlisted members set at 11:00am ET, waitlisted members at 1:00pm ET and finally public mint at 3:00pm ET. All of which were at a price of 0.09 ETH, around $130 USD. Little did the community know that the mint would successfully sell out in the matter of 7 minutes from the start of allowlist mint! Community members and the public are now invited to buy second-hand from OpenSea marketplace where at the time of writing, the floor price is as high as 0.21 ETH, around $260 USD and a 143 ETH trading volume only 30 minutes after the sale began.

The holders of Probably A Label are extremely excited to see what is to come of this web3 revolution that they had the opportunity to mint and hold or make profit from. They are definitely in good and trusting hands with the Probably Nothing and Warner Records teams to thrive through this innovation.




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