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By: Louis Narayn

A great meal can last a lifetime, a smart investment can last generations.

DJ sets, quarterly membership events, Educational Programming and of course, five star dining! SHŌ Group is offering a new perspective on hospitality and fine dining NFTs with access to their exclusive Private Members Club.

NFT projects centered around dining experiences and concierge services, have been emerging since the Blockchain became a reality. Projects like Fly Fish Club, The Coin Club & Drunken Monkey Members Club offer food, beverage and concierge services amongst other club experiences for their holders. More projects have been branching out to the physical world, creating stronger, face-to-face communities and investment opportunities.

We’re pleased to see SHŌ Group take San Francisco by storm with their IRORI dining (traditional Japanese, rustic farmhouse cuisine), which will be based in the Salesforce Transit Center building — a landmark urban oasis in the heart of the city.

SHŌ’s rooftop oasis will be visually stunning, as the interior and exterior design is being crafted by one of the industry’s leading design & concept firms, AvroKO, the name behind some of the world’s most iconic restaurants. AvroKO have built a reputation for themselves across 22 countries and will be crafting SHŌ Club’s Dining Room, Patio, Private Dining Mezzanine and Sky Lounge atop San Francisco’s Salesforce Transit Center, over the coming year.​​

Earth, Water and Fire

There are three tiers available:

Earth tier has a supply of 2,878 NFTs, and these will be the core of SHŌ Group’s ecosystem. With an extensive list of lifetime benefits, including access to all future SHŌ club lounges, 24/7 dedicated Concierge, a members only menu and other special services.

Water tier has a supply of 377 NFTs and will grant more exclusive benefits, which include Annual Water & Fire events, private car service and a monthly curated Omakase Members Dinner.

Fire tier is limited to just 20 NFTs, with this being the most exclusive membership NFT available, you will receive a lifetime’s worth of utilities. Ownership-like benefits, (including Rev Share and seat on the Fire board), a private Omakase Experience hosted at your home, and a once-in-a-lifetime all-expenses paid Japan travel experience. Full details can be found on SHŌ’s website.

Who made it happen?

SHŌ Co-founder and Chief Culinary Officer, Shotaro Kamio, was brought up in Japan’s Tohoku region, where he shared rustic comfort foods with his large family, and learned traditional cooking methods from his mother, in the family’s ramen shop. In Japan, he also specialized in international cuisine. More recently, he was the founder and head chef at Iyasare restaurant in Berkeley and at Zut! Tavern.

SHŌ Co-founder and CEO, Josh Sigel, has been disrupting the traditional food and beverage industries for some time. He founded Lasso Ventures in 2018, and before that, was the Chief Operating Officer in the “Eating Technology” company, Innit.

SHŌ’s corporate chef, Nate Gabriel, was chef de cuisine at Jack’s Oyster Bar and Fish, fine dining restaurant in Oakland, creating working-class seafood dishes with a global twist. He also worked at “Zut! Tavern” specializing in Californian-Mediterranean dishes, and as executive chef at Iyasare Restaurant.

Master Sushi chef, Masaki Sasaki, earned a Michelin Star when he worked at Maruya, and then at Omakase, before starting his own restaurant, Sasaki, in San Francisco, specializing in Omakase cuisine.

“By focusing on the utility benefits of NFTs, this hospitality group plans on building communities through the creation of one-of-a-kind guest experiences across fine dining, nightlife, and retail food concepts.” — Forbes Magazine (May 31, 2022)




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