MetaLaunchers Mentorship Program

5 min readNov 3, 2022

By: Jamélie Myre

Web3 is such an innovative space that it can definitely be confusing and overwhelming to new-comers. From the multitude of cryptocurrencies to the daily increase in Non-Fungible Token (NFT) projects, the main questions a person could find themselves wondering and struggling to pin-point is where to start or what to look for in learning the right practices of this space. We have a very experienced set of talents that can benefit and enlighten any person’s diverse interests, questions or concerns about the web3 space at Metalaunchers.

We currently offer a mentorship program that is open and free to community members of our Discord, although it will eventually be exclusive to memberships only. The program holds resources to teach and help web3 newcomers and natives about financial markets. Anyone as well as any level of expertise is welcome to indulge within our program to expand their knowledge or practices on a weekly basis with the guidance of experienced mentors.

Within our mentorship space on discord, a community member can find;

  • Trade talks with our top trading mentors
  • NFT tips and resources provided by our experienced NFT investors
  • Weekly trading news and trades from our founder, trading expert and educator Jason-Michael Wilson, also known as WickShotWilz
  • Daily crypto news articles
  • Useful links to navigate between cryptocurrencies and NFTs
  • Active alerts for our Weekly Recap, Live Mentorship and Market Analysis livestream sessions

All sessions are recorded and posted on our YouTube for educational and practice purposes only.

Live on Fridays, the main objective in the recaps is to analyze the closing week’s market behavior. In simple terms, what did it do as well as how and why did it do it. There is always an introduction on new concepts like Imbalance, Liquidity, Order Flow, Trend, etc. The host caters to all levels of expertise in remaining careful and understandable for newcomers. Weekly Recaps serve a purpose of helping the audience to see in practice the concepts that they learned during previous weeks, as well as sharing their breakthroughs and findings throughout the closing week’s price action.

The live mentorship allows the host to dive-in deeper and to target technical analysis concepts, to dedicate more time to detail as well as give examples of trading lingo, techniques and phenomena that we see repetitively on the markets. A lot of these concepts can be applied to most types of assets, which allows us to analyze and talk about trading forex, crypto, indices and commodities, fluently.

The objective in these Sunday sessions is to lay out potential trades for the opening week, forecasting the market behavior based on the price and market data that we have at the moment. In this live stream, the Founder of Metalaunchers, experienced trader and educator Jason-Michael Wilson goes over the Quantitative analysis using orderbooks and glassnode. He utilizes myfxbook and crypto websites to stay up to date on news to ascertain his fundamental analysis. He studies the economic news and financial updates that will be released, which can become relevant excuses for market movement.

The main list of pairs looked at within this session can be found here, as well as the list of everything crypto related looked at within this session can be found here.

The most studied assets and pairs within live sessions

  • DXY (Dollar Currency Index)
  • XAUUSD (Gold), USOIL (WTI Crude Oil Index)
  • ALTPERP (Altcoin Index Perpetual Futures)
  • US30 (Dow Jones US Wall St 30)
  • ETH (Ethereum), BTC (Bitcoin), XRP (Ripple)

Dxy is a currency index, specifically for the United States Dollar, it represents the fluctuations in value of the currency by itself and is also a partial indicator of Inflation.

Seeing EUR/USD as a beginner might be confusing until you learn that forex pairs are represented by a BASE currency against a QUOTE currency. Their value can be interpreted as how much of the Quote currency you need to pay to buy 1 unit of the Base currency. For example EUR/USD means ‘how much $USD do you need to pay to buy 1 Euro.’

XAUUSD, Gold and USOIL, Oil are commodities, this type of asset is normally used as a hedge against inflation in modern societies, but in the past, commodities like Corn, Coffee, Gold, Silver, amongst others were used as currency. Nowadays they serve as investment tools as well as to preserve the purchase value of your capital.

Much like an average representation, ALTPERP is the combined value of altcoins. ALTPERP tracks the price of a basket of altcoins, using a weighted average of the prices of ETH, EOS, BCH, BNB, LTC, XRP, TRX, DOT, LINK and ADA.

US30 or Dow Jones Industrial Average is an index, it shows the performance of 30 major American companies during a standard trading session in the stock market and it is calculated by the DJIA Divisor by dividing the total sum of all prices of all 30 stocks that it represents. US30 alongside the S&P500 and the Nasdaq Composite Index, NAS100, belong to the most watched stock market indices globally.

The rest are some of the most commonly known cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and XRP, one of Ripple’s XRP Ledger’s main tokens. A cryptocurrency is a digital currency in which transactions are verified and records maintained by a decentralized system using cryptography, rather than by a centralized authority.

There are ultimately so many concepts and strategies to learn and to keep in practice in order to become comfortable through the act of trading as well as within the web3 space. It’s important to be appropriately surrounded and to trust the mentors we choose to learn from for these practices to eventually become second nature. At MetaLaunchers, our ultimate goal is to educate people in an area filled with false prophets, to provide value in the midst of disinformation and to always look out for one another!




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