Jeremy Fall and his Ingenious Creation of Probably Nothing

6 min readOct 6, 2022

The Unparalleled Web3 Platform

By: Jamélie Myre

The web3 space is the new form of the world wide web containing concepts such as blockchain technologies, decentralization and token based economics. While it all seems surreal and complicated to grasp or wrap your head around, Probably Nothing is an NFT and Web3-education platform created to teach people about the space the right way, to guide individuals through safe practices of the space as well as shining light on new projects that are creatively paving the way through web3.

The project’s foundation is like no other and the name was cleverly chosen from a highly yet sarcastically used term, made into a movement that is ‘probably nothing’. The founder of the platform, Jeremy Fall, is a 32 year old chef, restorateur and entrepreneur who successfully founded and managed over a dozen restaurants and bars in Los Angeles and Chicago. Coming from a community and transaction driven industry like restoration, he spoke with Jen Cohen on the Habits and Hustle Podcast (episode 168) about the topic of ownership. He mentioned that the community aspect of the NFT space remains the most attractive to him, “[We] create a mission, an idea, a concept…a collection of these NFTs, now imagine giving [the] audience ownership in that creativity. You’re building a community of people and they’re investors,” to overall have a “very invested community.” Like the NFT space, Jeremy Fall himself is very community driven and aims at inclusivity.

The Start of it All: Genesis and Photosynthesis

The Probably Nothing team is constantly innovating and you can definitely expect the unexpected. Starting with their Genesis NFT collection of 7.7k bracelets. The much anticipated collection sold out a little over 3 minutes after the start of waitlist mint. Genesis was created so its holders would have rare access to giveaways, future NFT drops such as Photosynthesis, merch, alpha on their waitlist for Probably Nothing approved projects, and last but not least, priority access to exclusive partnerships and brand collaborations. The Photosynthesis NFT collection contains unique flower pots, with the distinctive goal to encourage the act of giving, to attract more women into the NFT space as well as to destigmatize the act of giving flowers to men or better yet, men giving flowers to other men. Owning a Photosynthesis flower pot grants you access to their unprecedented digital flower shoppe, in which you have a free selection of beautiful flower bouquets celebrating holidays, birthdays or just because you’re sending a thought. Not to mention that Jeremy Fall wishes to inspire conversations surrounding mental health, remarkably 35% of secondary sales will be donated to mental health charities. You can send these bouquets to whomever you want throughout the year alongside a personalized note that will forever stay in the communal garden, on the blockchain.

Probably A Collaboration

Meanwhile an interest that began as a simple hobby quickly turned into a mission to fill the void within the NFT community for education and positive news. While paving the way to a beautiful and soulful community, Probably Nothing is set to bring in as many people in the space as possible, through many diverse innovative projects.

Diving into their first NFT collaboration with Warner Records UK division and their Stickmen Toys NFT project, 50 special edition Probably Nothing X Stickmen Toys NFTs were contained within the historic launch. Created hand in hand with Kapsule Studio for unique 30 second tracks created by The Stickmen Project accompanying each toy. Stickmen Toys also partnered with the global brand and audio equipment company Bose to feature 50 rare Bose X Stickmen Toys NFTs with claimable Bose headwear or speakers. This collection is a first-of-its-kind audio-visual NFT project where holders own the IP rights to their NFT with creative commercial freedom through copyright possession and Probably Nothing is ecstatic to be a part of this project.

One of the most globally recognized news sources CNN and their Vault by CNN web3 project was next in line for Probably Nothing’s collaborations. Vault by CNN will memorialize moments forever and allow collectors to own these moments. Starting with the drop of 250 editions of Nelson Mandela’s release from prison on February 11, 1990. As said on Probably Nothing’s instagram August 1st, Jeremy Fall was inspired to ‘‘drop an NFT collection based on the famous photograph of Mandela’s prison cell…[H]ighlight[ing] a positive human rights issue during a period of turbulence. It’s important to remember moments like these where people made sacrifices, fought for what they believed in, and achieved change for the greater good.’’ Priority to mint these NFTs were granted to holders of 5+ Genesis NFTs. Although holders of both Vault by CNN and Jeremy Fall’s Mandela’s NFTs will be granted priority access to Probably Nothing X Vault by CNN’s future drops.

Probably A Partnership

Firstly, they partnered with Limewire. Known as a hip decentralized peer-to-peer file sharing platform which most people remember using to download music onto their MP3’s back in the 2000’s. Limewire recently resurfaced, hitting web3 with a wave of nostalgia while making its blockchain debut as an NFT Marketplace. The platform will hold music-related collectibles, pre-release tracks, unreleased demos, unseen live performances and way more.

Probably Nothing followed up their nostalgic partnerships with the NFT Platform Nifty’s and their blockchain release of ‘‘Looney Tunes: Whats Up Block’’ featuring the iconic Tweety Bird as the star of the collection, granting Probably Nothing’s Genesis holders first hand access to this drop. The partnership gives Genesis holders exclusive access to future one-of-a-kind drops like this one.

Finally, at least up until now, their insane official partnership with Warner Records in their original creation of Probably A Label. A major company partnering with a web3 company to create a never-seen-before record label that blends both worlds in aiming at redefining IP ownership in the music industry utilizing web3 technology. The label’s mission is ‘‘not to redefine how people listen to music but to elevate the experience in which people consume it, as well as collaborate directly with artists in a manner that helps develop their creative visions’’ announced Probably Nothing on their Instagram.

Predominantly, Jeremy Fall utilizes web3 in a way that fulfills his passion of giving and sharing worldwide. Whether it be giving and sharing useful information about the space, giving free NFTs to commemorate the IRL pop up event at Regina’s Grocery during NFT NYC, sharing crypto to his audience for them to buy themselves a lunch and coffee, or simply sending virtual flowers. Sharing is caring and it is a positive side effect to a butterfly effect, which leaves the community that is Probably Nothing in good hands. Among other great things, Fall is constantly building in this bear market and has delivered Probably A Label to his community, a great innovation that will bring web3 to the masses through music, members can only dream of what is to come of this new development. Holding a Genesis NFT offered more than fancied to its holders, with addition to a distribution of Stranger Things NFT presale spots and exclusive access to their limited edition collab merch with Canter’s Deli where the project’s launch party was held. “Join us in building this new world that is Probably Nothing,” shared Fall with his attendees.




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